NUBIGON | Reality Capture Software

Our Features

Big Data Management

Billions of Points

Visualize virtually unlimited volumes of point cloud data at full resolution. Our software does the heavy lifting so you can preserve every detail of your scan.

Huge Environments

Render entire scan projects at once, even the really big ones . Enjoy unconstrained navigation inside full-resolution point clouds for visual inspection, modeling, and demonstration.

Enriching Point Clouds

Lights & Shadows

Introduce lights and shadows to point cloud environments. Elevate the realism of point clouds and generate more immersive 3D navigation experiences.


Annotate your 3D data with great ease and versatility. Add context to your data with dynamically displayed annotations and export them along with camera animations, orthophotos and CAD drawings.

Immersive Visualization

Real-time Rendering

Seamlessly render point clouds as local surfaces in real time. Turn point clouds into truly immersive virtual environments.

Camera Animation

Quickly generate appealing videos of enriched point clouds. Take full advantage of full-resolution visualization to showcase your scan project.


Generate high-quality orthophotos with desired specifications. Virtually enhance point cloud environments and generate cutting-edge orthophotos.


Surface Modeling

Extract surfaces from point clouds for BIM and CAD modeling. Our point cloud navigation, surface generation, and snapping tools provide ultimate versatility and reliability for reality capture projects.

CAD Drawing

Accurately generate CAD models for pre-design and as-built modeling. Visualizing point clouds at full resolution allows you to model at the highest level of detail. Our tools offer a user-friendly workflow and produce reliable results.

Extrude & Loft

Quickly extrude and loft 3D mesh models from point clouds. Just a few clicks are enough to trace the point cloud, and generate an accurate mesh model at the desired level of detail.