The NUBIGON Statement

Our Mission

Developing reality capture solutions that transform as-built modeling into an empowering tool for AEC professionals.

Our Vision

Advancing the digitization of the building life cycle by helping the AEC industries to better manage, visualize, and operationalize Big Data stemming from reality capture.


Our Founding

Long-time friends Murat Arikan, a doctoral student at the Vienna University of Technology and Can Turgay, an experienced VFX artist, begin to explore the commercial potential of using photos and laser scanner data to automatically generate 3D environments. As Murat's research on computer graphics and algorithms gets published in renowned peer-reviewed journals, they start working on an innovative way of visualizing point clouds derived from photos and laser scanner data.

Incubation, Company Formation and Seed Investment

Bert Azizoglu joins the team as the founding business developer. Our initiative gets accepted to the incubator of the Teknopark Istanbul Research Park as well as the incubator of accent Gründerservice GmbH in Austria. Soon thereafter, we receive a seed-round investment from the Netherlands-based Diffusion Capital Fund Cooperatief U.A. (DCF). This allows us to build our company and accelerate our R&D efforts.

From Prototype to Product and HQ Move to the US

We transform our prototype to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), ready to be tested by early adopters. Close collaborations with these first users help us to fine tune the feature set towards the needs and desires of the architecture, engineering and construction industries (AEC). Over the summer months, we move our HQ to the US and establish a presence in Austin and New York City. In late December 2018, we release the first commercial version of our stand-alone software as a subscription service.

To Infinity and Beyond!

Right off the get-go, our software garners the attention of many industry players and prospects allowing us to build three distinct go-to-market pipelines consisting of individual software subscriptions, bundled software solutions, SDKs and licenses. In less than three months, each sales pipeline surpasses 6-figure pipeline volumes.

Our Backers

We are thankful for the support of...


EU And The Republic Of Turkey

This project is partly financed with funding by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.



This project is supported by accent Gründerservice GmbH.


Aws Impulse XS

This project is supported by the “aws impulse XS” Grant Program, funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy of the Republic of Austria, and administered by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH.